Tastiera Notebook HP DV4-1000 DV4-1100 DV4-1200...

Tastiera Notebook HP DV4-1000 DV4-1100 DV4-1200 DV4-2000 DV4-2100 Series (SILVER)

Ordinabile in 12 - 18 Giorni
17,45 €
Tasse incluse 12 - 18 Giorni
Tastiera Notebook HP DV4-1000 DV4-1100 DV4-1200 DV4-2000 DV4-2100 Series (SILVER)

Pagamenti sicuri al 100%

Colore: SILVER


Modelli Notebook Compatibili HP:


Pavilion DV4 Series


DV4-1000 DV4-1100 DV4-1200 DV4-1300 DV4-1400 DV4-1500 DV4-2000 DV4-2100 Series

DV4t-1000 DV4t-1100 DV4t-1200 DV4t-1200se DV4t-1300 DV4t-1300se DV4t-1400 DV4t-1500 DV4t-1600 Series

DV4z-1000 DV4z-1100 DV4z-1200 Series


Codice Prodotto Compatibile:






486901-001 NSK-H5501 NSK-H5701

486681-001 V071802CK1 PK1303Y05H0

508120-001 NSK-HFB01 9J.N2G82.B01

518793-001 PK1303VAB00 MP-05586LA-6986

508119-001 486901-051 9J.N8682.70F

508611-001 PK1303Y09A0 PK1303V01N0

538108-001 PK1303VAG00 9J.N2G82.D01

486901-001 PK1303Y0500 9J.N8682.901

495646-001 PK1303Y0700 NSK-H5706

504454-001 PK1303Y0900 V071802DS1

NSK-H5801 PK1303VAD00 PK1303Y0600

V071802CS1 PK1303Y0400 PK1303Y0800

NSK-HFD01 PK1303V01H0 PK1303V01X0

V071802KS1 PK1303V9C20 NSK-HFB1E

V071802DK1 PK1303Y0420 PK1303U0180

NSK-H5901 NSK-H570F PK130Y05U0

570755-001 PK1303VBB00 NSK-HFD0S

507319-001 MP-05583US66981 NSK-H570S

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